Thursday, September 27, 2012

Demi Lovato: Polish Your Pinky Blue

Demi Lovato says wear blue polish on your PINKY!

Demi Lovato always has interesting nails! Her latest talon trend all about anti-bullying. Lovato recently spoke to The Young Woman's Leadership school in New York about her struggle with bullies in middle school reports Just Jared.

Lovato recalled many instances where kids were simply cruel. Bullying is never O.K. Help raise awareness against bullying and polish YOUR pinky blue!

 Check out Demi's polished pinky in the photos from her event! What do you think of this latest raise awareness trend? (Photos Source: Just Jared)


If you want to join Demi's polished pinky club, here are a few colors to try out!

1. Bikini So Teeny
2.No Room For the Blues            
3.Man Hunt

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