Monday, October 1, 2012

Gimme That GOLD!

All that glitters is gold!
No, but really. Now there is nail polish with REAL gold flecks in it. We can thank nail polish giants OPI and Zoya for the latest and greatest in nail glitz and glam.

Zoya's gold top coat is called GLITY and can be pre-ordered NOW on the Zoya Website! The orders are set to ship October 15th!*** The polish comes in a set of 3 polishes: a black, a white and the gold top coat.
***UPDATE: Zoya tweeted today that the GILTY Pleasures set is SOLD OUT. The item is limited edition due to scarcity of the materials used and will not be made available again. So...start checking Ebay! ;)
Images from Zoya Website

OPI's golden top coat is part of OPI's Holiday 2012 collection 'Skyfall' which is inspired by 007! The collection should be available sometime in October as well!

Image from Pamper With Polish

I've already got my eye on one of the topcoats in particular...which will you choose? Do you thing real gold on your nails is a great new trend or just too much? Leave comments and let me know what you think! 

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