Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Collections of 2012

The leaves aren't the only thing that will be changing color this fall season! Almost every major nail polish brand has or will release a fall collection this year and that means it's time to get painting! 

Every year, we see a typical color cycle. Winter brings shimmer, shine and darker colors. Spring gives us cremes in every pastel shade imaginable. Summer brings us the neons, and fall gives us the warmer tones of the rainbow.

This fall will be no exception. There are so many great colors from brands including OPI, Essie, China Glaze and others! Below is a preview of just a few fall collections. 

From Nars we will get the Andy Warhol colletion. This collection, inspired by the famed artist, will have 8 colors. The polishes will be available at Sephora beginning October 1st. Mark your calendars because these colors are great! 

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OPI never fails to impress. Their fall collection, inspired by Germany, consists of 12 colors. These colors range from neutrals like 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons' to brighter hues like the red 'Deutsch You Want Me Baby.' The polishes are available now wherever OPI colors are sold.
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China Glaze gave us the Safari collection for fall a bit early this year! (It was released sometime in July.) These wild colors have great names to match. There are two teal-green shades, a hot color for this season, that are particularly special. 'Exotic Encounters' and 'Elephant Walk' are sure to have you running to the beauty supply store cheetah-fast.
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Last but not least we have Essie's fall collection, 'Stylenomics.' While less varied than the collections above, there is still a gem or two to be found. The deep burgundy-fuchsia  color, 'Skirting the Issue' really fits the fall theme. The dark green color 'Stylenomics' is also a fun and different option not found in the other collections. 
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Which collection has the most must-haves for you? Which colors have you already added to your paint pallet? Get ready to watch the leaves and nail colors change because fall is here!


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